The purpose of this module is to help you break free from the prison of perception that keeps you confined to self-limiting thought programs.

This opens the way for the manifestation of a brand new human experience. We keep ourselves bound up by what we see with our eyes and by what we can touch, smell and hear. We have been greatly limited by what is rationalized and logically understood. This has placed the human race inside a formidable matrix that driven by ‘herd’ instinct and the materializing of life.

Opening the Seal of Perception helps you to:

arrowBreak free from the mold of the polarized perception.

arrowMove beyond the boundaries of the five human senses.

arrowBridge the brain with the knowing mind.

arrowAttune to you multidimensional energy hologram.

arrowMake transition into a new thought structure.

arrowSelf-actualize expanded sense perception.

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Opening the Seal of Seal of Perception