The purpose of this module is to change, within you, the coded genetic sequence that upholds the incoherent and distorted patterns of ‘relational separation’. This is one of the main carnal locking mechanisms that prevent your rise into sustained levels of divine coherence.

Through this module, our intention is to permanently shift certain perceptions held within the consciousness. This activates the dormant DNA encodement and changes cell biology.

This is a very important first module! The Seal of Coherence is the foundational overlay to our biological mutation and the one that, when opened, creates a needed vibrational base for the synergistic unlocking of all of the other Seals.

Again, these seals within us are portals of consciousness that we are activating and expanding through as a pathway to actualize our greater potential.

Opening the Seal of Coherence helps you to:

arrowIntegrate the Greater Self into your physical expression

arrowRecalibrate your entire energy body so that you can embody the vibration of oneness, permanently.

arrowBuild stronger coherence with your whole-listic self as a vast, multidimensional creator being.

arrowKnow that YOU are the creator of your reality and all of its reflections.

arrowLearn how to tap into the same power that drives the entire universe.

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Opening the Seal of Coherence