Empowerment Registration

Step 1

For empowerment registration, see all session dates and monthly focuses at the end of this page.

Please understand that this is not a webinar or teleconference. You go into meditation for 30 minutes as the Facilitators are transmitting to you. See “How to Receive”

Step 2

To register, choose a single session or a package series.

* All of the session dates and times are synchronized to the date/time that it is in New York, USA.

* After payment, you will receive a PDF download with the session details including how to prepare for the session. We will also send you a reminder/update prior to each session and up until one day before it begins. After each session, we will send you a summary and with further guidance.

    Tuesday, Nov 29

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Step 3

Choose a Session Time ~ 8 am, 3 pm or 8 pm (New York, USA)

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The sessions are offered at three times, synchronized to the hour of New York, USA. Choose at least one time to receive this session and as this correlates with your home time zone. You do not need to let us know the time because the facilitators actually transmit to you all times. You can do all of them if that suits your schedule.

2017 Session Dates and Focuses to be Announced Soon.

Empowerment results will be experienced in alignment to your state of awareness, your evolutionary soul plan and highest good. All sessions involve DNA and energy reprogramming, healing, clearing and recalibration. The facilitators have also identified special focuses each month to assist the potency of each Empowerment Session.

All I AM Avatar products and services included in the Morphogenesis Support including the Morphogenesis Audio Activators and Sessions of Empowemrent  are not intended to treat or cure any disease, nor should any of the subject matter presented on this website and through the Morphogenesis program be taken as medical advice. Although the Morphogenesis Support included on this website may contribute to self empowerment, no claims whatsoever including health related claims are intended, expressed or implied. 

These products and services are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

A No Refund Policy: Due to the immediate delivery of all digital products, we do not give refunds. The maximum download limit for each digital product is five times and then the link will expire. If you exceed your download limit, lose your files or have internet challenges, this is your responsibility. We do not send out duplicate copies of your digital downloads.
In addition, there are no refunds for rendered services including the Sessions of Empowerment. It is  your responsibility to understand our programs and how we facilitate them.

Downloading Files: It is your responsibility to know how to download digital files. These audios cannot do not stream live. You must download them completely to your computer or Drop Box account and then transfer to your listening device. See FAQ.

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