Welcome to the seventh module, Opening the Crystalline Seal of Transcendence.

Our next and final module regards one of the greatest perceptual shifts that we can ever make as an evolving human.  This has to do with transcending the concept that we call ‘time’.

We are opening the Seal of Transcendence by learning how to maneuver across the great divide and into a more spatial existence.

Perceiving from a “no time reality” has tremendous impact upon your reality shift into a more limitless experience, and as a grounded presence here on Earth. Working outside of the time-space continuum is the greatest influencing factor to manifesting your highest preferences and the way to attract in your life everything that you want.

Through this final module, you will:

arrowLearn how to maneuver across the great divine to experience your eternal nature.

arrowExplore your life reality as a parallel universe.

arrowBe empowered through a simultaneous existence.

arrowOnce you are free from the code of time, your skills of multi-dimensionality will soar.

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Opening the Seal of Seal of Transcendence