Welcome to the fourth module of MORPHOGENESIS, Opening the Crystalline Seal of Resonance.

Greater numbers of people are now making dramatic shifts into a new morphogenetic pattern…. that is sustained by the principles of “one” and the one truth that everything is the same. Everything is now. All dimensions are simultaneously present.

Your vibrational resonance determines what field of energy sustains you and what dimension you will be able to see. As you come from love rather than fear, you make transition into higher resonance and a finer, more pristine vibration.

Through this fourth module, you will:

arrowChange the channel to the program that you want to see.

arrowFree your life from struggle and conflict.

arrowShift into a new resonance of multi-dimensional living.

arrowLearn how to bend reality and through metaphysical principle.

arrowOperate in the highest resonant frequency of your true self.

arrowThrive through the guidance of positive synchronicity.

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Opening the Seal of Seal of Resonance