Welcome to the sixth module, Opening the Crystalline Seal of Fusion.

This module opens the lock that has kept a false program of core separation in place. We are reconnecting into a ‘whole brain’ expression as a Divine-Human and one that initiates a brand new human genetic of much greater intelligence.

The dream of duality is ending and we are now releasing our divisive perceptions. This primarily concerns the way that we box ourselves up through self-judgment and gender attachments. We are also looking at how our analytical human mind binds us to limited linear sequencing.

Above all, we are empowering our personal sovereignty to fully live who we really are and the freedom that comes from this expression.

Through this sixth module, you will:

arrowGet fully awake from duality’s dream.

arrowExpand into ‘whole brain’ expression and the unified divine-human

arrowRecalibrate your entire energy hologram into the oneness vibration.

arrowLet’s together, initiate a new human genetic of a far greater intelligence.

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Opening the Seal of Seal of Fusion