Welcome to the third module of MORPHOGENESIS, Opening the Crystalline Seal of Encodement.

The purpose of this module is to get you moved beyond the body’s ‘memory fields’ that keep you bound to a limited blueprint, one that has been programmed by hereditary traits, belief systems and human habits.

We can certainly change our perceptions… we can remove the fears, but often the memory encodement remains, much of it as subconscious patterning that keeps us spinning around the wheel while sabotaging our true desires.

Opening this Seal upgrades the body’s energetic infrastructure so that you can handle greater frequencies of light and, as a result, crystallize the templates of higher evolution.

Through this third module, you will:

arrowRecode, repattern and reprogram your energetic matrix.

arrowSelf-empower the activation of your body of light.

arrowInstall your higher dimensional energy system.

arrowConnect more of your crystalline circuitry.

arrowRecode the DNA and activate dormant DNA substance.

arrowBuild a stronger life force energy field.

If you have not enrolled yet, you may do so here. You can enroll in the full program and open all 7 seals, or, you can open one Seal at a time.

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Opening the Seal of Seal of Encodement