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Morphogenesis Audio Program

35 Guided Audio Meditations

These guided audio meditations are integrated with the podcasts teachings.

It is recommended to listen to the audios according to each Seal Module that you are experiencing.

In summary, you are opening seven Seals of Perception. There are (5) audio meditations per Seal.

This is 35 beautiful products for your morph support for $222.


Audio Meditations Included in this Package:

  • Coherence

    I AM the Creator
    Activating the Omnipresent Self
    My Body is a Universe
    Reflectional Coherence
    Voices in the Forest

  • Perception

    Born to be a Mystic
    Living the Mind of Brilliance
    Self Actualizing ESP
    Pineal Rapture
    Seeing in the Dark

  • Encodement

    Recoding Your DNA
    Light Body Activation
    Growing Crystalline Circuitry
    The Bliss Code
    Encoding Solar Waveform

  • Resonance

    Crossing Over
    Archetype of the White Magician
    Morphogenetic Repatterning
    Optimal Biological Resonance
    Synchronicity Hologram

  • Still Point

    Living the Pathless Path
    I AM Presence
    Power from the Void
    Relaxing your Polarity Band
    Nervous System Recalibration

  • Fusion

    Simultaneous Existence
    Hemispheric Fusion
    Kundalini Rising
    BreathDance ~ FUSION!

  • Transcendence

    Time Transcendence I
    Time Transcendence II
    Dream Awake
    Body Noosphere
    The Event Horizon



MORPHOGENESIS  focuses extensively on opening the biological ‘Crystalline Seals’ through a series of synergistic unlocking  mechanisms purposed to shift perception and activate dormant DNA encoding. Research now shows that cell biology changes as we shift and change our thought structure.

Through the Morphogenesis Collection, its spiritual meditations and podcast teachings, you are guided through an alchemical formula developed around a systematic process of release from the main carnal blocks that keep you bound to the human story.

The Morphogenesis audio program is designed to assist you into direct experiential awareness and holistic integration. It is recommended to align with the audios according to the Seal Module that you are currently opening.has been designed to help you…

* Override the human genetic code.

* Catapult into a greater expression.

* Actualize more of your brilliance.

* Activate dormant DNA encoding.

* Unlock from the code of time.

* Experience yourself as a divine creator.