This highly transforming experience is presented in 7 main modules (seals). Each module is presented over a 3 week period.

Open one seal at a time beginning with the Seal of Coherence. Once enrolled, we will send emails to keep it all on track for you.

See below for a description of the main features of this program.

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Morphogenesis Podcast

The main content is presented in more than 60 podcast episodes during a 5 month period. Everyone who enrolls in the program receives a free subscription to the AVATAR POD plus a mobile app and email navigation.

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Audio Meditations

There are supporting audio activators (meditations) that align with the podcast teachings. These 30-minute audios are the jewels of the program to help with holistic integration. Listen to the audios specific to the seal you are opening. Repeated listening is encouraged.

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Personal Assistance

Tiara Kumara, program creator and transformation guide offers one-on-one assistance as her time allows. She is a conduit for Divine Source, intuitively receiving and transferring to you on all levels. Her overall intention is to get you to the next step of spiritual advancement while activating more of your soul potential.

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Have a blessed and cherished journey in your return to Divine Wholeness.