Here are some guidelines to assist your navigation.

* We are opening 7 Seals and so, there are 7 main modules. Each seal is presented over a 3 week period. We will send emails to keep it all on track for you.

* The main content is presented in over 60 podcast episodes during a 5 month period. You can listen only to the podcast and receive a lot.

* If you buy the supporting audio activators, then, the podcast and the audios go together. It does not matter which audios you listen to first… because they are all interrelated.

Here is a suggested order on how to open each seal over the 3 weeks.
It is highly recommended to repeat listening to both the podcast and audio activators.

Each Day

Listen to a one or two podcast episodes.
Experience a new audio activator.
Integrate and observe the focus of content in your daily life.

During the final Week 3 of each module

Repeat any of the podcast or audios to deepen your integration.