I registered but did not receive anything?

Since this is a new email address for you, most likely, your email from “I AM Avatar” went into your spam or junk mail. Check there and click it as a valid email.

What do I receive for FREE?

All of the educational content is free and this is presented all the way through the 5 months. You can just do the podcasts without doing anything else and still receive a lot. What you receive for “free” is the entire 5-month podcast with more than 50 episodes and a sequenced email navigation, also for 5 months.

The “morph support” is optional and includes the audios and Rites of Passage monthly initiations. These are extra tools to support the ideas and your perceptual shifts. These products are how we are supporting the cost to produce this program.

How is this program structured?

Here are some guidelines to assist your navigation.

* We are opening 7 Seals and so, there are 7 main modules. Each seal is presented over a 3 week period. We will send emails to keep it all on track for you.

* The main content is presented in over 60 podcast episodes during a 5 month period. You can listen only to the podcast and receive a lot.

* If you buy the supporting audio activators, then, the podcast and the audios go together. It does not matter which audios you listen to first… because they are all interrelated.

Here is a suggested order on how to open each seal over the 3 weeks.
It is highly recommended to repeat listening to both the podcast and audio activators.

Each Day

Listen to a one or two podcast episodes.
Experience a new audio activator.
Integrate and observe the focus of content in your daily life.

During the final Week 3 of each module

Repeat any of the podcast or audios to deepen your integration.


How do I download digital files?

Always download the audio file from the order confirmation that comes into your email after your purchase is complete.

Audio files do not stream. First, download them completely to your computer or dropbox and transfer to a music player. Then, listen with headphones.

With computers, ipads and mobile technology, there are many ways to download the file. Try double clicking on the file link. If you have a mouse or mouse pad, here are some download suggestions for different browsers:

Download via Mac:
Using Mozilla FireFox: Control/Right click – Save link as
Using Safari: Control/Right or left click – Download linked file as
Using Google Chrome: Control/Right or left click – Save link as
or – Option/left click – starts immediate download

Download via PC
Using Internet Explorer: Control/Right click – Save target as
Using Mozilla FireFox: Control/Right click – Save link as
Using Google Chrome: Control/Right click – Save link as

Choose to “save as” to your desktop. Make sure you get the full file.

If there is a bleep in your internet connection, this might interfere with your download and you may need to do it again.

The download limit is 5 times per each digital file.

Can I download audios to my mobile or iPad?

Many people have challenges downloading to the iPad and mobile phones.The iPad is not able to download files easily because it was not developed to be a storage device. To be able to download any type of file, you will need to first install a special App.
iPad app review

You can always download the file on to your computer first and then transfer the file over.

We also have a feature that allows you to download to your DROPBOX if you have that type of account. Then, you can listen on your mobile direct from your Dropbox mobile App.

Can you send me a duplicate download copy?

Our digital download system is designed to be super easy and super simple. Therefore, the maximum download limit for each digital product is five times and then the link will expire.

If you exceed your download limit, lose your files or have internet challenges, this is your responsibility. We do not send out duplicate copies of your digital downloads.