Spiritual Activation & Energy Reprogramming


with Christof Melchizedek, Tiara Kumara & Akasha Sananda
(see bios at end of page)

Registration & Details

EMPOWERMENTS are highly transformational experiences purposed to give you a big vibrational boost as a result of  spiritual activation, clearing and energy recalibration. Our highest intention is to help get you into the new Avatar operating system. These monthly sessions of remote energy transference are facilitated by a powerful trinity team of individuals who have each gained high levels of self realization and energy mastery. They are channeling divine energy together with their codes of accomplishment.

  • arrowGain energy, clarity and body alignment.

    arrowLiberate yourself from limiting human programs.

    arrowRaise your vibration to experience your greater potential.

    arrowSwitch on dormant DNA through expanding perception.

  • arrowTransform root causes of suffering and discomfort.

    arrowQuicken manifestation of your preferred reality.

    arrowOpen more channels for Higher Self embodiment.

    arrowBring forth unrealized talents and abilities.

2017 Session Dates and Focuses

~ Every New Moon ~

This year’s Empowerment series is building upon the tremendous  success of last year’s program with high purpose to support your advancement into greater levels of unified intelligence and the new Avatar operating system. Additionally, the special monthly focuses in 2017 are strategically designed around the Particle Convergence, to help you prepare and integrate this incoming cosmic frequency and plasmic wave reverberation.

All sessions involve energy clearing, reprogramming and recalibration. The facilitators have also identified special focuses each month to assist the potency of each Empowerment Session. Empowerment results will be experienced in alignment to your state of awareness, your evolutionary soul plan and highest good.

  • See the 2017 program details

    February 26 ~ Cellular Regeneration

    March 28 ~ Crystalline Upgrade

    April 26 ~ Avatar Encodement

    May 25 ~ Super Abundance

    June 24 ~ Omni Love Infusion

    July 23 ~ DNA ReSync

  • August 21 ~ The Particle Convergence
    (The Facilitators are transmitting live from
    Egypt and the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid)

    September 20 ~ Golden Age Integration

    October 19 ~ Multidimensional Intelligence

    November 18 ~ Galactivation

    December 21 ~ The Particle Emergence Transmission

Give Support to your Avatar Emergence.

Our intention is to help you…

Regenerate. Upgrade. Encode. Prosper. Infuse. ReSync.
Converge. Integrate. Expand. Galactivate. Emerge.

These are sessions of remote energy transference. We come to you as a ‘field of energy’ while holding you in a transforming container of love’s  intelligence. This field gets super charged through the coherence of many people doing this simultaneously, all with unified intention.

This is not a teleconference or webinar! You go into meditation and the Facilitators are transferring the energy to you.

The transference will naturally go to where it is needed the most and on many levels of your entire multidimensional energy body. It is your Divine Presence that is in charge as it works with your intention for evolutionary advancement.

The beneficial effect of this procedure will be different for everyone depending on your personal soul blueprint, life situation and level of awareness and sensitivity.

We are facilitators who know how to channel transforming energy from the Divine. It is you, however, in tandem with your Higher Self, that is ultimately in charge through your powerful intentions for change.

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    Christof Melchizedek

    Christof serves as a Bio-Genetic Reprogrammer. He accelerates people by raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness and clearing blockages in order to achieve soul mission and purpose. His background degrees in psychology, physical education and Brennan Healing Science, combined with extensive experience in the indigenous healing arts allows him to create what his clients call ‘dramatic life corrections’. As a Blueprinter, his purpose is to change the DNA blueprint of the human genetic makeup. He is like an architect for the soul, helping to create the building blocks of your potential through the reconstruction of the DNA. Full Bio

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    Tiara Kumara

    Empowered by the teachings of some of the greatest spiritual masters, Tiara serves from multidimensional intelligence and the highly influential abilities that are born from this resonance. She is a multifaceted facilitator whose humanitarian work has profoundly assisted countless lives in consciousness awakening and transformation. Her accomplishments include several dedicated years of planetary unity grid activation and the training of tens of thousands of people in remote energy transference on mass scale. She is the founding producer of I AM Avatar and several educational experiences purposed to initiate and empower the soul’s evolution. Full Bio

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    Akasha Sananda

    Akasha functions as a Spiritual Mentor, Healer and Yogi. Known as a ‘Liberator’, he has attained spiritual liberation under the mentorship of the Himalayan yogi Babaji Nagaraj. Akasha continues to be contacted by Babaji and two other Himalayan Rishi’s known as Boganathar and Agastya. These Masters are highly evolved immortal beings, who have transcended gross matter and are the pure embodiment of source consciousness. High initiation from the Rishi’s led Akasha around the world to learn many sacred traditions and ancient wisdom while uncovering hidden truths. His mission is to humbly serve and assist humanity in becoming fully realized and to obtain liberation as free, sovereign beings. Full Bio


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