Opening the Crystalline Seals

  • (Excerpt from the Opening Podcast, Episode 2)


    Certain expanded perceptions hold the master key to unshackle the body and by way of the internal ‘crystalline seals’. These energetic seals comprise the frequency overlays that give passageway to the dormant DNA programs.

MORPHOGENESIS is an educational curriculum designed to accelerate your transition into Avatar Consciousness. An ‘Avatar’ is recognized as a sort of  superhuman due to his or her actualized supernal knowledge and mastery over the human program.

This program focuses extensively on opening the biological ‘Crystalline Seals’ through a series of synergistic unlocking  mechanisms purposed to shift perception and activate dormant DNA encoding.

You are guided through an alchemical formula developed around a systematic process of release from the main carnal blocks that keep you bound to the human story.

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