MORPHOGENESIS & The Skillsets of Evolution

Evolutionary Teachings for Accelerated Spiritual Development and Humanitarian Service

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MORPHOGENESIS & The Skillsets of Evolution initiates you into an alchemical journey of self-realization to unlock your higher intelligence. This reveals the Greater Self!

You will learn how to parachute out of the rational mind and into portals of perception that present exciting new dimensions of truth. This is evolutionary training to accelerate your abilities and sincerely affect big change on the Earth while reaching the greatest numbers of people possible.

Student Support

To give deep course integration, all students enrolled in the individual courses of Morphogenesis and The Skillsets of Evolution are encouraged to purchase the 346-page Training Manual from or Amazon Europe.

A Reference Manual for Unity Consciousness

The powerful book is a timeless classic that everyone who is advancing into unity consciousness can use as a reference manual for acceleration into higher evolution and multidimensional living.

Authored by Tiara Kumara, it contains the full written content of both the Morphogenesis teachings and The Skillsets of Evolution training programs. It features ideas for practical integration, meditative exercises and affirmative reprogramming.