These guided audio meditations are timeless jewels that take you into a whole other dimension of conscious awareness. Their highest purpose is to help you integrate metaphysical truths and advanced spiritual understanding.

Written and produced by Tiara Kumara, the guided audio meditations deliver divine code through voice transmission. Each audio is produced with custom music, designed to induce alpha brainwave states. No two are alike!

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  • These guided audio meditations are timeless jewels to help you integrate metaphysical truths and advanced spiritual understanding. Produced by Tiara Kumara.

    The Complete Audio
    Meditation Program

    Includes: (35) Audio Meditations
    These are timeless transmissions to assist holistic integration and direct experiential awareness.

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  • Coherence Audios

    I AM the Creator
    Activating the Omnipresent Self
    My Body is a Universe
    Reflectional Coherence
    Voices in the Forest

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  • Perception Audios

    Born to be a Mystic
    Living the Mind of Brilliance
    Self Actualizing ESP
    Pineal Rapture
    Seeing in the Dark

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  • Encodement Audios

    Recoding Your DNA
    Light Body Activation
    Growing Crystalline Circuitry
    The Bliss Code
    Encoding Solar Waveform

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  • Resonance Audios

    Crossing Over
    Archetype of the White Magician
    Morphogenetic Repatterning
    Optimal Biological Resonance
    Synchronicity Hologram

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  • Still Point Audios

    Living the Pathless Path
    I AM Presence
    Power from the Void
    Relaxing your Polarity Band
    Nervous System Recalibration

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  • Fusion Audios

    Simultaneous Existence
    Hemispheric Fusion
    Kundalini Rising
    BreathDance ~ FUSION!

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  • Transcendence Audios

    Time Transcendence I
    Time Transcendence II
    Dream Awake
    Body Noosphere
    The Event Horizon

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